Simple steps to start a curl girl journey

You are on the threshold of starting a naturally curly hair journey after a long abuse to your mane by using chemicals or simply being unaware of the CG Method. While searching you find so many abbreviations, techniques, and terms to follow. Now you step behind in your mind and say, well I am good with the common shampoos, at least they are easy to understand and buy.

I have been through this problem in the initial stage and hence here is the easy guide for you.
Let’s see how it works.

1. Your hair transformation journey:
When you are frustrated with the regular use of curling iron in rush time or paying a visit to the salon to straighten your hair when you don’t have any time just because your hair looks crazy then you decide to go natural.

2. Why it’s important to be natural:
It’s an everlasting debate if you should maintain your relaxed hair or go natural. The answer is it’s always beneficial to have naturally curly hair. Why? – Read below.

  • Less visit to salon
  • Less spending for the maintenance
  • No heat damage
  • Healthy hair
  • Save time (no need to iron before hitting outside)

I guess these are some enough everyday energy boosting causes to accept your curls from the heart.

3. How to start and continue a CG Journey:
Anything you start from scratch needs a lot of patience. Whether you are new or restarting the journey again it will need the same effort. Just follow the basic steps to jump in the process in no time.

  • Keep patience and make your mind to follow the new journey slowly but steadily.
  • Shampoo less than twice a week
  • See all the ingredients in your product bottle and avoid SLS-paraben very strictly.
  • Do not be tempted for lather and use CG friendly organic products only.
  • Make a habit to ‘co-wash’ (condition wash gives the same cleanliness but keeps your curls soft)
  • Always use a soft cotton t-shirt to wipe off the excess water. Flip your head upside down while wiping and be gentle for a frizz-free nice volume.
  • You can use a good leave in to smooth the clumps and gel to hold them
  • Do not use combs other than totally CG safe ones available in the market. Or just use your fingers while in the shower to detangle (free and safe).
  • Hot oil treatment once a week gives the required moisture.
  • Deep conditioning at least once a week works miracle for the curls.
  • Use a satin pillowcase or satin scarf (to tie your hair) while sleeping.

The next step comes to know slowly about the hair type and pattern and to learn about the porosity, density, and elasticity of your curls. Keep your eyes on that topic here.

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