Understand The Easy Ways To Detangle The Curls

Hey, Curlies! This easy peasy post is for you. As you know I love to talk about the simple step-by-step guide of any process, so that anyone can understand right away. This topic is about one of the most ignored but important steps in your CG journey. Ever since we start taking care of our hair we are taught to detangle when it is dry. When we start to understand our curly hair and walk in the CG journey we promise not to use a comb!

So which way should you choose – yes that’s where you get stuck, right? Never to worry – we will find the safest option here. But before you jump into the solution, let’s just revise

What is detangling natural hair:

Detangling is simply fixing your tangled hair and taking out the knots, with the help of a tool, comb, brush or just your finger.

What is detangling curly hair:

When we talk about detangling in the curls, we face two ways – Dry or wet detangle. Both have several processes, products and ways to follow. Let’s see the types of detangling – and benefits of each of them.

Detangling dry hair:  If your hair is wavy, thick or you have loose curls you can use a paddle brush, a wide-mouthed comb or simply your fingers to detangle the small knots. the process you can follow :

  • Put some olive oil or light conditioner in the comb to make it easier. It’s always better to be gentle and do finger detangling to avoid any hair breakage.
  • Begin at the bottom, slowly move upwards
  • If you see any knot, especially in the neck area, just take the individual knot and try to remove from the bottom – keep patience.
  • Keep the hair in pineapple style if that suits you – it suits almost every curly girl

Detangling wet hair:  If you have tight coils or your hair tangles quite easily, it’s a good idea to detangle it in the shower:

  • Dampen your hair
  • Towel dry the curls but keep them moist
  • If you don’t have a detangling spray, you can use conditioner
  • Use ‘praying hand’ method as well as run your fingers / wide tooth comb slowly through the tangles.
  • keep the conditioner for a minute and wash it off
  • after washing do not comb

When you should NOT detangle your curls: Tamed curls take time. They are like babies so treat them like your child. So let me tell you when not to bother about detangling,

  • You are in rush or impatient
  • You do not have specific tools (Denman brush/wide-mouth brush, tangle teaser etc)
  • You hate finger detangling process
  • Your hair has no slippery oil or conditioner while in dry state
  • You had just refreshed with ONLY water

Never over detangle with tools or fingers – it will chip off the cuticles and your hair will lose moisture. Always use deep conditioners (DIY can be a good option), leave-ins, conditioners and oil to detangle your beautiful curls. There must be a process that your hair will literally LOVE. Share with me.


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