Tips to Say NO to Mommyhood Depression


Check your checklists:

  • A mom – Yes
  • A wife – Yes
  • A daughter – Yes
  • A daughter-in-law – Yes
  • An entrepreneur – Yes
  • A freelancer – Yes
  • An individual – ?????

Your day might start with all these five questions from your family, your society, your business, and even from your soul. It doesn’t matter if you are a ‘housewife’ (that term is illogical to me, as the house is for all married women are wives, irrespective of their job) or a working lady.

You are expected to be all-perfect because – you are a woman. You are married, you are a mom, you are a working woman, you are a housewife, and what else? You are expected to take care of everyone, and everything not by your way but by the course of society wants you to see, behave, act! If you can do that – you are awarded the term – ‘nothing’ because it’s your duty – you are a woman, and you are supposed to do that. If you don’t do that, you are termed as ‘imperfect’ – you fail!

Without going deep into this as it will hurt many big egos, let’s look if there are some ways you can handle the stress of multi-tasking – in and out, expectations, the rolling eyes, and your own.

Be yourself – do not change: If you are a mother, especially a house-mom of a newborn, you are sleep deprived, over-tired, and probably going through post-pregnancy depression (the term matters nothing to most of the family members). Some women are strong – mentally and physically, some have a loving and supporting family, but most moms go through all the anxieties by themselves.

What if you don’t have anyone to understand the tears rolling down your cheek? Try to find out the lost ‘YOU’ and learn to lean on your shoulder. There is no one else who can better understand you than your own.

It’s not that you don’t love being a mother. You really, really do! Just stop blaming you like everyone else and find a way to be that old you again. How? Here are the ways:

  1. Take a break and SLEEP when you feel tired. Stop worrying about rolling eyes!
  2. Understand that there is a difference between maintaining a daily routine with your kids and spending your entire life
  3. You can manage the household 24/7 and also dos something you love. Again, forget the rolling eyes. IT’S YOUR LIFE. 
  4. Take care of your LOOK. You have a right to be a mom and feel gorgeous. Shop for yourself, choose your favorite outfit, match your lips and nails to your outfit and look in the mirror to find yourself!
  5. Have a date with friends and especially with ‘MOMMY GROUPS’ and find out a way to arrange a play-date in the park and playground instead of regular night outs and movies.
  6. This is the time you can really concentrate on your old hobbies. For years due to studies and job requirements, you couldn’t think of those left loves, try them now and get REFRESHED.
  7. BE A WOMEN first and then figure out the twists and turns of motherhood. Make a routine suitable for you and don’t bother anything else. Take good care of your and your baby’s health as if the both of you are not well, everything can fall apart.
  8. STOP COMPARING your life with others as it’s not going to give you any better feeling. You cannot go back to your pre-mommy life, and that’s fine. The bundle of joy will bring new adventures daily. But try to find out the ‘buried you’ from the pile of diapers and homework. Don’t forget the real you!

Take yourself as a project and EXPLORE! You are now someone’s world, and it’s quite a blessing. Make the new member your friend in need and keep that SMILE or at least that smirk that you have now after reading my article, intact.

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