Guest Of the Week: Danish Ansari – Writer, Technical Person and a Curl Lover!

Meet Danish Ansari this week. YES! The first male person on my website and I think there is hardly anyone who really thinks and talks about curly hair people. He is a witty and very efficient technical person in his field and dreams about entrepreneurship. Enjoy his presence and get back with your comments and queries here if you have any. 

Candid Context: How much satisfied are you in currently with your success?

Danish Ansari: Satisfaction is not my kind of thing. I am hungry about my career and learning. Every day, I don’t pray to god for appraisal or something, but I pray for a new learning, I pray for a new lesson, I pray for a new experience. And I believe that there is always some scope of learning for everyone’s life, whether he/she is a newborn in a cradle or a senior citizen inhaling the last air of the universe.

For me success is not a path or destination, it’s a graph which always tends to infinity. You will never get success until you believe so, and if you started believing that you are a successful person, You will face the bitter truth.
So, I am not a successful person, but definitely, I know where I am today and what are my goals.

Candid Context: Where do you find yourself in another five years?

Danish: I will find myself on a chair with no designation surrounded by people who want to listen to me to add some values in their life. I want to be a person who can bring change to the society, not by imposing the change but by embracing the change. In short, I want to be a social worker who believes in society more than himself.

Candid Context: How should today’s generation take the life?

Danish: As I said, I want to embrace the change instead of criticizing it. So, I believe that today’s generation is more complex than some curly hairs, but if you watch them closely you will find a silk road to the success.
My advice for today’s generation about taking their life is limited to 3 things.

  • Believe in who you are and be the change you want in the society.

  • Be flexible with your choice because no one gets a perfect life. You might get all the emerald in the world, but it doesn’t guarantee your satisfaction. The real satisfaction always comes from insight. I saw a naked monk enjoying his life in the Kumb, seems more satisfying to me than a billionaire riding his 2 seater sports car and thinking about another dream car. So, I must suggest to limit your choice and aim for the sky. Eliminate the desire of something unachievable and fight for something which is worth your time.

  • Don’t be a puppet of societies orthodoxy, This type of thing kills more dreams than a plague.


Candid Context: What is your favorite pass-time?

Danish: Well, this one is a little tricky for me because I always find myself busy with people who want my presence with them, Always find some time to take a monthly dose for my wanderlust. Always find a reason to grab my family attention on what I want to be instead of showing my achievement or hiding my failure. But for me, My biggest pass time is cooking. Whenever I get a quick window for doing nothing, I will end up in my kitchen and be making something new, something delicious, Something which, I have been wanting to eat for a while. Apart from cooking, I love watching movies, finding a new friend, having an aimless debate on an unusual topic to learn something new.

Candid Context: Curls are hardly appreciated as fair skin with long straight hair is the iconic symbol of beauty. How do you feel about that?

Danish: See, for me, the beauty is all about your characters, it’s in your soul and I will always end up loving people with some amazing talent in them so that I can learn at least a fraction of it. But as you specifically asked for Curl. I will say it is my weakness, I always get attracted to a girl in the curl. And believe me, people like me found curls more attractive than long straight blonde hair and of course guys like me do exist. Apart from beauty, I will highly appreciate a curly girl for maintaining her curl because it’s a really tough job. Kudos to you.

Candid Context: Curly girls are called by various names like ‘bird’s nest’, ‘Chow Mein’ etc. Do you find curly hair awful and intolerable?

Danish: See, this is what you remember when someone says such things to you, but if you look back in time you will find a million moment when people did embrace your beauty. It’s just human psychology that we remember bad and forget the good. If you look closely, you will find more reasons to hate blonde hair as people do criticize them. It’s not your curl its the society. Take it as a granted and push yourself to a better future. Show them, that a curly girl is having a better impression on the society than what you think of her hairs.

Candid Context: Do you have any opinion on how to battle the bullies?

Danish: I got this covered, I am one of those lanky people in the class who always got bullied by muscular one. One day, a guy in my class bullied me a lot about my skinny body. I cried a lot. Make some humorous decision like going to the gym, building body etc. and ended up getting a real scold from my grandmother because I was just 11 back then. This incident hurt me a lot, made me hate my grandmother for a while. But with time thing got changed, I helped the same guy in the exam and he appraised a lot and now he is one of my closest friends.
Now, when I look back to this incident, I found that if I would have ignored him on the first place, I will not get scolded by my grandmother, I will never hate her for any reason and I might get an amazing friend little early. These all delays and negative things and some hatred for a couple of people. I am still skinny as hell and people do bully me till date but I just kept mum or make fun of myself with them and let the hatred go. Believe me, life will be much more pleased with this attitude.

Candid Context: Any tips to get fast success in life and career?

Danish: Only one – believe in yourself and always be hungry to learn anything new.

Candid Context: Is there any way to reach you through social media?

Danish: You can find me over:


Candid Context: What are your opinion about me and my blog?

Danish: As I said, I follow people who are amazingly good at what they are doing and try to get some learning out of this. You are one of those people. Although I never met you in person, your blog provides me with enough glance of you to make a portrait of yourself in my mind. I can imagine your curly hair, and their impact on your words while you are writing. I can see how you manage your personal, professional and blogger life altogether. I can see your struggle of being a curly hair girl, but believe me, that’s the most beautiful thing you got in your physical appearance.  And all of this was made possible for me to understand from your blog. I know you need to learn a lot about blogging, but I can see you on a successful path. And combining all together made me a big fan of you. I will always be thankful for some critics in my work, some appreciation for success and some teaching in my life. Hope to see a next lesson coming to me soon.

Thank You.


Well, thanks to you Danish, I am so overwhelmed to get you as the guest of the week. Your presence and your tips will be helpful for so many young folks. I hope to have more wonderful chats with you in the future. Thank You !!!

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