Curly hair and frizz, both are ‘frenimies’ !!!

When you think about curls and humidity it seems the world is upside down. You go cray to tame your mane and add a little silky touch. But there is always a solution.

Using right DC and right process you can bring the basic change in your hair, i.e. soft locks. Indian brands are trying hard to produce chemical free products, not very sure if what is written on their packaging is also true for their products. But we can try to see if it suits us because getting an international brand is not always easy or cheap for all of us.

I am trying out the product from Mamaearth and it seems not bad. I have to admit, just used twice and it gave ‘okay’ result till now after 2 weeks of use. But that also depends how you keep your curls for the whole week. In my case, I can take care of them just for 2 days in a week.

Now, lets get a little bit general info that all you need before buying it. Believe me I am not going to put you through all the information that I can see in the box 😀 but I will tell my honest experience with the product.

Quantity: 300 mg

Price: INR 499 (MRP)

Color, Texture & Smell: Porcelain white, Smooth and thick, Floral

Brand Claim: Paraben and silicon free, Hypo allergenic and contains Bioactives. Suitable for men & women of all ages.Suitable for all types of hair, dry, damaged, coloured and chemically treated, SPECIALLY FOR CURLY HAIR.

Method to Use: Leave the mask from root to tip for 15-25 minutes and wash with sulfate free shampoo.

My Opinion: After trying 4 times I am happy with the result. This gives me less frizziness even if I do not co-wash in between. I have also not used satin pillow or covered my hair while sleeping. I skipped the oil treatment once a week too. So after such torture for 2 weeks with going out in extreme 45 C hot humid and dirty weather, I must say it has won my heart. I will see if with time and proper care I can get more better result. Will update soon.

Tips to Try: I have tried with dry hair but soaked my hand in water every time before taking the mask. It is the method I always use for my extra ‘hydration-hungry’ curls. I have also used sectioning method specially on the areas like tips and forehead to push the mask evenly.

Try this tips and let me know your own views in the comment section.

Disclaimer: This product is not sent to me by anyone. I bought it for my own use and blogging purpose.

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