REVIEW – Brustro gouache paint set

What is Gouache?

If you are into art and painting and used watercolor, at some time, you might have crossed the word ‘gouache.’ It is a form of color that can be described in one word as ‘opaque watercolor.’ Gouache is generally a mix of organic or artificial color, a binding agent usually dextrin or gum Arabic, and water.

Many of us do not know how to pronounce Gouache, especially those who do not know about this paint. It is pronounced just like ‘squash,’ and the word is of French origin. Apart from its use in paintings, in this digital era, it is used for filling up drawing, paint lettering, or even in different designs, illustrations, and photographs.

Primary Difference between Gouache and other water-based colors

Gouache and Water Color

Gouache and watercolor both are water-based and need a tray, colors, brushes, and paints. You do not need a separate brush for Gouache colors. The primary difference between Water Color and Gouache is its opacity. Water Color is more transparent or translucent, and Gouache is opaque. In simple words, you will know it is Gouache when after putting on the color, the lines underneath will not show off like watercolor painting. Through watercolor, the light travels, and the white paper beneath shows up. Gouache is opaque, and it is also matte color. The difference is prominent with the mattifying effect after drying.

Gouache and Acrylic Paints

There is a real reason why acrylic paints are more popular among armature and professional artists. Acrylics are waterproof, and the opacity depends on the type of color you are using. Acrylics are more durable and can stand up easily with light and dust-related problems. Another difference between these two types of colors is the finishing. Gouache is matte, and acrylic gives a satin finish. After applying acrylic varnish, your painting is free from any damage. You can paint with acrylic almost in everything, including paper, canvas, metal, or ceramic. It is a universally recognizes hassle-free paint. Gouache, on the other hand, is better only on good watercolor paper.

Then why I like Gouache over acrylic while painting? Because Gouache can be reworked, you can make changes over it after drying, and I love the matte opaque finish of it. Period.

About Bustro Gouache Paint Set

After much research, I came across a Gouache Paint, which is affordable and seemed to be a good buy. I went to and searched for Bistro Gouache Paint Set, which looked too tempting. When I got the paint, it was difficult for me for the first time to use it, and I was tired of making a perfect picture with it. But as time passed and I became familiar with the use, it is currently my favorite way to paint. Let’s take a look at those beautiful shades in detail.

What the brand claims

  • These are highly pigmented, Bright opaque colors, Superior matte velvet finish, Strong coverage power, Inter-mixable, Light Fast, Easy to apply and wash.
  • Being water-based, they dry quickly and can also be re-wetted easily when required. Great for mixed media work, mixes well with color pencils, inks, and acrylics.
  • Being opaque, one can paint from dark to light with good coverage over already painted areas without lifting the underlying paints.
  • Works best on paper, boards, wood, and primed canvasses—ideal for professional artists, graphic designers, illustrators, and fine art students.

My opinion and experience 

As an artist and a person who makes lots of DIYs, you can understand that I am not into paying a lot. This Gouache color is an affordable option from a well-known brand you can choose for your art. All the colors are easy to mix, and they layer up without many bubbles. It dries quickly and gives a matte finish. I would always suggest investing in good papers instead of buying those expensive colors.

I think it is a good buy for those who are not fans of conventional water or acrylic color. I love to use different things in art in between everyday purchases. My experience with this pain is excellent, and I hope to create some art with these paints.

Source: Candid Context

Information you might need

My Rating: 5/5

Will I repurchase it? – YES. DEFINITELY.

will I recommend buying it? – YES. DEFINITELY.


I have purchased the product with my own money, and this is not a paid product review. I create this article, and the images used also has the copyright of CancidContext.

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