Before starting the review, let me tell you a little bit about the history of ‘Ghee’ for those global friends who are new to this word.

Know all about Ghee

Ghee is the clarified butter and originated in India, and it is a staple food in the Indian subcontinent and many other places. It is used in various religious festivals and rituals as a source of purity. Ghee is also used for medicinal purposes in the early days. Today too, despite having a variety of cooking oils present in the market, Ghee is often used as a substitute for that or mixed in a dish to enrich the flavor. The magical part of the Ghee is that you can heat it and cook and mix it or have it raw with your food.

How to know if the Ghee is pure

The components of Ghee are free fatty acids, alcohols, lactones, and carbonyls. Pure Ghee had Omega 3, which is essential for the excellent functioning of the brain and heart. It also gives the power of resistance, and your body makes your immune system stronger. It solidifies in the winter and melts in summer.

To understand its purity, you can check out the following things yourself:

  1. Take a spoonful of Ghee in your palm and see if it melts by itself, then it is a pure product.
  2. Heat the Ghee in a big spoon, and if it melts immediately and turns brown, it can be considered pure.
  3. You can take the Iodine test – take some melted Ghee and put iodine solution in it. If it turns purple, then the Ghee has starch, and it is not pure Ghee.
  4. Take a glass container and put some melted ghee and sugar. Mix it and keep it aside for 10 minutes. If the bottom layer turns red, then the Ghee might have vegetable oil. You should avoid that kind of adulterated product.

There are so many other ways to know if the Ghee you are using is pure, but that might need a laboratory or the substances not always present at your home in general.


Today I am going to talk about a product which I am using for two months. I love organic brands and stick to the best products I find. While exploring ‘Ghee,’ I came across the brand ‘Anveshan,’ and it seemed that I could trust it. I bought it from Amazon and tested it before using (methods 1,2, and 4). It passed all the tests, and also the look and smell gave a green signal of its purity.

What the brand says

First of all, I love their website. It is simple and easy to access. The product is one hundred percent safe, pure, and natural with no added chemicals. It improves digestion, builds immunity, good for skin and hair, maintains good gut bacteria, great for weight loss, and improves instant energy.

Brand Claims:

It is made from genuine A2 milk of desi Hallikar cows native of Karnataka. The Ghee is made using the Ayurvedic Bilona method of churning curd into butter, building the perfect fatty acid profile, aroma, and flavor. It is a must-have for overall well-being.


  • Purity reflects from look and smell
  • Easy to mix
  • Tastes great
  • I never had an acidic problem after having it (personal experience)


  • The glass jar looks beautiful, but it is tapered towards the bottom, making it delicate to hold. As the Ghee is slippery itself, if it is on the jar’s surface, it can slip easily from hand. So, be careful while handling the glass jar.
  • The lock does not remain tight enough and opens easily, which is useful if you are in a rush, but the glass jar can become prone to break easily.

Helpful Information 

Product name – Anveshan A2 Vedic Cow Ghee

Available Units – 500 ml and 1 liter

Price – INR 855 (500 ml) at Amazon/ INR 845 (500 ml) at Anveshan Farm Website

Website link – Anveshan Farm

I bought it from – Amazon India.

My Rating  4.8/5 (only for the package design)

Disclaimer: I buy this product, and the review is my honest personal experience.


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