The dark yellow color of turmeric is something that we have always seen and loved from our childhood. When our moms used to cook, and there were stains of turmeric on their hands, and sometimes on the clothes, we knew it was a stain that would not get off quickly. And yes, just like the stain, the benefits of turmeric have been tremendous in our life. It is a blessing being an Indian that we are grown up having turmeric in almost every food and as a magic pack for our face to make it brighter.

Benefits Of Turmeric

Among several fantastic benefits of turmeric for our health, we will talk about those which are helpful for our skin.

  • Turmeric helps your skin to detoxify and fights puffiness.
  • It has a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory factor
  • It reduces acne, scarring, and any other dermatological factor
  • It has antioxidant curcumin, which reduces tanning and pigmentation

Who are Deyga?

Deyga is an organic beauty brand that believes in a natural take on beauty. Their craftsman combines every particle by hand and celebrates the journey of organic beauty. They believe in cruelty-free, and they are strictly against animal testing. They use 100% pure organic ingredients for a superior experience. The products have no harmful ingredients, chemicals, or preservatives, and they are safe for all skin types. Artisans handcraft all the products, and they are sustainable with no cost to the environment.

What is Deyga Turmeric Healing Face Mask

As the brand claims, their Turmeric Healing Face Mask is perfect for improving your skin’s health. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which help rejuvenate the skin and bring out the inner natural glow. It also enhances the collagen production of the skin.

The benefits of using this Turmeric pack – it provides proper hydration, prevents early signs of aging, and provides a healthy glow. It lightens if you have any scars or marks on your face.

It has all the essential natural ingredients like turmeric, pure Aloe Vera, guar gum, vegetable glycerin, and natural preservative, which is Cosmos approved.

Image Source: Candid Context

How to use it in my way 

As per the instruction, you can apply it over your skin, leave it for 30 minutes, and then wipe or rinse off with wet cotton or water.

I do it a little different way.

I spray Deyga’s Jasmine Toner over my face. It gives me a soothing and calming feeling and keeps my skin a little moist. I use a Face Brush  (yes, I do not want to use my hand on my sensitive skin and the product) and put it all over my face and neck. This makes the application even and hygienic. I keep it for 20 to 30 minutes, depending on how my skin reacts (if it feels absolutely dry or slightly moist here and there). Then I use lukewarm water to pat over my face. In a circular motion with light massaging technique, I wash the face pack off thoroughly.

I keep it refrigerated because the brand recommends it. It gives an excellent soothing effect and a great result.

My honest opinion

I have susceptible skin, which is enormously acne and pigmentation-prone. I love how it has soothed my skin in just about ten days, and my acne has reduced magically. I also see a significant improvement in fading my pimple marks.

I want to show you today’s picture (13.02.2021) at last and two pictures, one before applying and another in next 7 days of using it.

Though sorry for low resolution pictures but I think you can see the difference. Its not huge but definitely noticeable. It won’t do any miracle like products with chemicals but does it’s job like an organic and pure product should do – slow but steady improvement.

DAY 1 – Before applying Deyga Turmeric Face Mask (Acne and lots of scar mark and pigmentation)

Image Source: (c) Candid Context

DAY 7 – After applying Deyga Face Mask everyday (Skin became brighter and acne reduced)

Image Source : (c) Candid Context

Today after 15 days (Acne and pimple marks started fading lightly, more brightness in skin and no new acne for 15 days.. Hoorah !)

Image Source: (c) Candid Context

I am going to use it for another 15 days and will update the result here.

Necessary Information

Price – INR 600

Quantity – 100 ml/3.53 FL oz.

Deyga Website – Turmeric Healing Face Mask

Pros and Cons of the product

All product comes with some good and evil. Still, Deyga feels rooted in the natural ingredients, which gives a positive effect.


  • Made with natural ingredients with no side effects (always a patch test is recommended)
  • It lightens the marks and gives a fresh glow
  • Huge quantity as you will require significantly less amount for face
  • Dries soon (if you are in a rush, you can use it for 10 mins)


  • It leaves a yellow stain as the natural turmeric does ( beware if you are going out right after using it)
  • You need to refrigerate it every time (if you are a little lazy like me, you would prefer it in your dresser, and it can be a little tricky in winter!)
  • The plastic container could be avoided in exchange for glass.

Shall I use it again

Of course, all the year-round!

Suppose you have sensitive and incredibly oily skin; go ahead and use it. For dry or extra-dry skin, a patch test will be best, and after you use it, put a gentle organic moisturizing cream or serum.

My rating for this product

5/5 (Yay !!!)

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