As a plant mom and succulent lover, it is a pleasure to buy plants and start plant-parenting. I usually buy from local nurseries, but due to the pandemic, I am buying plants online. I purchased from Amazon before from ‘Ugaoo,’ and now I am trying out different online places to buy plants due to the pandemic situation.

Succulent Factory is not a known name everywhere across India, while searching I heard about it and went to order from them. I had a mixed experience, and of course, it is more good than worse. We will jump to the pros and cons directly and for a quick and informative review.

Name of the plant shop: Succulent Factory

Types of plants available: Succulents and Cactus

Plants I bought: Cactus mostly

Website: Succulent Factory

Phone Number: 9916450468 (WhatsApp)


Facebook: Succulent.Factory


Plant quality: All very small-size plants than the pictures, not best ones by their looks but living and not broken.

Price of the plant: Price is less or same but not more than usual offline nurseries.

Packaging: In the box all the plants came by wrapping with newspaper pieces individually. They were intact.

Delivery: Delivery was fast and all the details were given along with picture of delivery slip.

Others: They probably gave a free plant (in my case some turtle vines) with all the plants bought. That was a perk!


Experience of the website: The website is not very user-friendly. All the details of the plant are not there. They have numbered the plants which is good, but if you want to know the name and details of how to take care of the plant, it is not given, which is a bit confusing. There is a lack of relevant information and no sign of customer engagements like – feedback, organized plant information, or any message for the visitors.

As a plant lover and content designer, I felt customer orientation, and warmth is necessary for a business. I have given forced feedback to make the website a better place to visit for more people.

Communication with the shop: They are not prompt, but you can communicate straight related to buying and shipping. No other information you can get easily.

Buying Options: You have to buy six pieces of plants, whatever the price may be. It is a tough call if your plants are more than INR 200 and you are planning not to but more than INR 500 at one time. That will reduce the buying option up to 2 to 3 times only due to fewer plants available on the website below INR 100.

Will I buy it again: Yes, definitely, but I will stick to below INR 100 plants only as you will have to buy six plants together.

My rating: 4/5

DISCLAIMERAll the plants are bought by me, and nothing is promotional. 

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