Depression is a word that can have various meanings for different people. It is not always due to someone or for achieving something. It can be for anything small or confusing. For someone with an entirely messy head like me, it is more of a flu-like disease that needs to get rid of oneself. I can’t be happy with any other help, because I know people might tell you to forget, advise the world’s best theories and smile to make you happy, but they are kind of victims when you tell them about your problems or lament about your life. They are already dealing with their life stuff and don’t have much patience (which is understandable) to listen to more negative talks from you.

I feel ‘TIME’ is the most significant friend and enemy, which wants you to wait for the healing or just pass without knocking, and you wonder if you are stuck. It’s like a wall with no door or window. It’s suffocating and painful. But you have to learn how to take a deep breath and stick to your positivity towards life. Though everything seems so messy, your steps become clumsy. You simply can not do anything right. Or even if you do, nothing actually feels right. Still, you must know the darkest tunnel at the end shows a ray of light. The same goes for your depressed feelings. You will see the ‘glimmer of hope if you bravely walk through the darkness of life.

Allow me to share some simple ways with you to try and apply in our own life to fight common depressions without taking anyone’s help. Let’s not waste time and see the solutions, but I have one condition – feel what you read and do.

Learning when to rest

When we feel low, we do not find anything that can make us happy and free. Our mind is constantly wrestling with our own emotions. We often try to show that we are holding everything right despite being in a depressed state. But sometimes, we just cannot take it anymore – we go through a massive breakdown. At this point, the soul is asking for rest. We must give ourselves time to heal. Take this point as learning how to accept the dark side of our emotional state. Be aloof from anything you might feel wrong and free your mind from all thoughts by being quiet and calm.

Move towards the light

Never let yourself be in a darkroom or somewhere with no light. Instead be in the sun and feel the Never let yourself be in a darkroom or somewhere with no light. Be in the sun and feel the warmth. Sunlight has its own chemical process that helps our mind to relax, be happy and feel healthier. It turns down the emotional stress by its robust and powerful presence. As a result, we tend to feel more complex life problems or the happiness that we have received rather than getting into depression for a single reason.

Let it Out

You might feel that someone with a mentality is needed to share our dark times. But it is far safer to be strong enough by dealing with the low mental state on our own. We learn to overcome any difficulty like this easily in the future. A diary and pen are sometimes the best options to burst out whatever we feel or make us depressed. We can let out our pain by writing the grief and then throwing it out. It mimics the letting out of sadness from the heart and can be helpful to cure depression in the early state.

Hearing Music

When we do not feel up to the mark, we also don’t feel like regular exercise. Even focusing on meditation to heal the inner wound does not make sense for some. At this moment, listening to music that you like or trying to focus on meditating for a long time and regularly can make you wonder about your mental health. Starting your moment with an upbeat tune can make your stress level go down and stable your entire day. Music has a profound positive effect on both body and mind. My favorite music that makes me feel calm and quiet is the meditative music I listen to while writing. So what are you waiting for? Find out your own music and tune with the healing path of life.

Letter to Self

Give some love to your soul. Understand no one else can know you better than your own. Talk to your soul and be a part of your whole unit. You can practice writing love letters to your stressed-out self: “Dear Self, I know you are not very well. Let’s face it. You are down and lonely., but I am with you, always and forever. It’s your time. Just relax and love me back.” Letters like this can bring back a smile to your lips and heart. You will feel positive and find ways to live again, keeping your stress at bay!

A Cup of Warmth

A cup of kava tea or lavender tea at night can bring a good sleep instantly. It will reduce stress. If you love taking juice or even coffee, go for some organic stuff and try to focus your total attention on that cup. A warm cup f love at the moment of your stress will give you the strength to break the chain of depression.

Focus on parts – do not generalize

Whether environmental or practical, stress can trigger a cascade of unwanted hormones, making too many psychological changes. While you are on your own way to finding out the root of the problem, make sure to divide it into parts. Identify if the cause is a short-term or long-term reason. If it is some past incidence, you can fight easily by focusing on the present life and comparing them. If your current life with work or relationship problems exists and you can not come out, then it’s time to take some planning. First of all, focus on your daily routine and make sure to add everything good to it. When you can transform the usual routine into a habit, focus on what you love to do. Add them as well in your daily life. This way, you can continue your everyday life and keep your physical health well. Even if the big problems exist which can not be solved, your routine can be your choice of escape from the toxic world.

Body. Mind, spirit

The connection of body-mind-spirit in stress or anxiety relief is essential. Especially when you are trying to cope with stress all alone. Sometimes we get a headache while we are in a stress attack which shows how our body is affected by our mind. I feel great when I do a haircut, which means my mind, body, and spirit work together to make me feel great when under extreme stress. Give yourself something which you love but make sure it is for your own good.

Reward yourself for your effort

The uncontrollable stress can behave well if you bribe it with some reward. So make yourself disciplined by rewarding a weekly or monthly program. That can be a movie night with a great coffee for yourself or something like a travel plan. I have given myself a target of gifting Ukelele to follow my own routine and learn to play the guitar, which I already have but do not use. So, take small steps and give yourself, but be sure to not break the bank.

Now make a self-help routine

Self-help or self-care is intentional thinking of a proactive way to balance your mind and body. Just eating healthy is not enough. You will need to help yourself to heal your soul. Tailor a routine that can be delightful to start and easy to maintain. Picking up an old hobby or starting a new one can be something that can help you to continue with your self-care routine. Looking and feeling good can be a target for you to fight depression.

The end is always the beginning of something new

If all the above things can work for you or not, you can go for some workshops that can feel centered. Then, when you find a way to cope with the stress, evaluate every seven days and make sure you are not off track. Adjust your approach if needed but do not stop. Overcoming barriers is not easy, but starting to walk on the self-stress relief action can be a life-changer.

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