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Hold on your breathe! It’s the beautiful and talented Anjana aka ‘curlandbeautydiary’ charming curly girl who is my guest this week. Good looking girl with gorgeous long black curly hair, who has never loved her curls (just like me) but achieved the level of expertise with her modified view and attitude towards her natural hair. Catch her here on this exclusive interview.

INTERVIEW PICS - curlsandbeautydiary

CANDID CONTEXT: Who are you from your heart?

ANJANA: I am a person who loves the little things in life – a pretty flower, a fresh coriander leaf bunch – these small things make me really happy!

CANDID CONTEXT: What are the things you love about yourself?
ANJANA: I love that I am happy-go-lucky, I love that I love pampering myself, I have a very positive outlook towards things and life in general.

CANDID CONTEXT: What are your passions?
ANJANA: Travel, food, curly hair.

CANDID CONTEXT: Did you ever feel bad in your life for your curls or did anyone make fun of them anytime?

ANJANA: Yes, up until my late college days I used to despise them. I used to always wish for silky straight hair. I haven’t been made fun of though.

CANDID CONTEXT: When did you start to realize that your curls are worth caring?

ANJANA: It’s not that I realized that they are worth caring for. It’s when I realized HOW to take care of them. And that was during my late college days.

CANDID CONTEXT: How do you take care of your curls? – Your basic routine.

ANJANA: (I experiment with a lot of products so I am not going to be mentioning any)

I oil my hair once a week with coconut oil or olive oil
I wash it off with diluted shampoo
I condition and detangle well with a conditioner
I rinse it off and apply some more conditioner for squish to condish (squishing water and conditioner together into hair)
Then I go on to apply my styling products
I never brush or comb my hair


CANDID CONTEXT: tell about your HOLY GRAIL product(s).

ANJANA: 1.Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion 2. Devacurl Ultra Defining Gel

CANDID CONTEXT: How do you apply the products ?

ANJANA:I scrunch my products in. Raking always destroys my curl pattern

CANDID CONTEXT: Any SECRET TIP for curly girls ?

ANJANA: Nothing is a secret! All my tips are out in the open for you all on my blog 😀

CANDID CONTEXT: How should all the MOMS take care of their curly haired kids, even if the mom doesn’t have curly hair or do not know about curl management?

ANJANA: The same steps as mentioned in the routine. Also never make them feel that their curls are something they should change or be ashamed of. Teaching them to love their curls from an early age can help in avoiding self-confidence issues and hair damage in the future.

CANDID CONTEXT: The mistakes one should avoid with curly hair

ANJANA: There are too many! I have a whole post on it –

CANDID CONTEXT: Whom do you thank in life?

ANJANA: All my loved ones. They give me the zest and I live for them.

CANDID CONTEXT: Who is your favorite person or guardian angel?
ANJANA: Not easy to pick a favorite from your 2 eyes right!

CANDID CONTEXT: How to be a beautiful person inside out according to you?

ANJANA: Spread the knowledge you have, spread positivity and happiness

CANDID CONTEXT: Your inner message for the world?

ANJANA: I will talk about curls since that’s what I talk about the most! If you haven’t embraced your curls yet, I urge you too! Every curly hair on this planet is meant to look beautiful. No exception! We are all born with beautiful hair. It’s the care that makes all the difference. “She was born with it” My hair is different” “I would wear my hair curly if my curls looked like that!” “My hair isn’t curly, its just frizzy” “I don’t really have curl, just some unruly wave” are not acceptable excuses anymore.

CANDID CONTEXT: Any place where curl girls can get in touch with you?

ANJANA : Links to reach out:

CANDID CONTEXT: Please tell about your feelings regarding Candid Context?

ANJANA: It’s great to see a lot of new Indian blogs on curly hair. Candid Context is one such blog. Keep spreading curly hair love Candid Context!


Thank you Anjana, I had a great time and loved all the details your shared with me and hope to chat with you again very soon here @ CANDID CONTEXT.

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