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I believe in the notion of nature. I believe we are all connected to creativity, just like the creation of each living being in this magical universe. Creating something comes from the inner aspiration to express our deep hidden unconscious thoughts and ideas that we can not express through words. It’s a definite urge to convey the reflection of the things which fascinates, through the creation of a creator.

I am not an impressive verbal communicator; I say what I see. It’s much cozier to create something to show, express, and impart my words and feelings. Since it is the natural medium for me to align with every living being, I communicate through various modes – writing, painting, loving nature, and music.

Candid Context is my ‘healing zone’, the Zen corner of my soul, where I live and talk to myself and the whole world. It’s is not a place to explicate a single context but about anything I like to experience and express. Everything here is a piece of candid and truthful aspects coming straight from the heart!

Welcome to my Den …

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.

Anaïs Nin