When we hear the words like ‘Vedic,’ ‘handcrafted, ‘organic,’ or ‘native’ in a product, we feel to trust that more than anything else. Our India has a vast history of using natural things in food, medicines, and remedies.
Orrina is an Indian product that mingles the old wisdom with rich and naturally occurring raw materials maintaining the original sensibilities. The nutrient-rich handmade products are the gift of native breeds, losing their importance in today’s modern life.

How To Know If The Ghee Is Pure

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There are several homely ways to detect if the ghee you bought has the purity that you are looking for:

  • Melt the ghee in a pan. If it melts immediately and turns brownish, then it is pure.
  • Melt the ghee and refrigerate it. If the ghee separates into two-part, then it is adulterated by using local coconut oil
  • Take a spoonful of ghee in your palm. If it melts, then it is pure. If not, then the quality has impurities.

My Take On Orrina Herbal A2 Ghee

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I am using the Orrina A2 Ghee for the second time and am extremely satisfied with everything. I am a person who uses ghee regularly and searches for the best option. I can confidently agree that the texture, smell, flavor, and quality are some of the best that you will get in the local market. Here are the reasons why I love it:

  • It is eco-friendly and comes in a glass jar
  • It has no added color or fragrance
  • The ingredients and smell are natural
  • Lactose-intolerant persons can also use it
  • It follows the Vedic principles or old theory of the 5-step ghee-making process

Product Information

Website: Orinna Herbal A2 Ghee

Price: INR 599 (200 ml)

Customer Service: Excellent

Expert Help: Excellent

My rating: 5/5

Should I Buy it Again? – Definitely!

DISCLAIMER: Orrina ghee and other Orrina products are bought by me and not sponsored. It is my personal and honest opinion.

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