candid context – A New Journey – Expect Randomness!

Ever since I got myself engaged in various activities, my journo soul was lost. I didn’t even try to find it! But always had a constant search in my brain for something I am dedicated to doing.  

Does it happen to you when you feel bloated in your head and ask yourself ‘What am I doing here? What am I supposed to do?’ And you get no answer for months….maybe years.

The same thing happened to me. I myself is a very homely person with a lovely family and blessing of God. I might not even need to think like that! Sitting at home and managing household could be the best idea ever! Yessss …. I know it sounds just right!

But God has something else in his mind. I am such a believer in God, not that I go to temple or church or anywhere religiously, but I talk to him…I try to see him in front of me …maybe sitting with a cup of coffee and chatting with me!

He hardly talks though….well I am always the only one to talk, complain and give him big hug 🙂

I found my answer nowhere, even not from him … for at least 10 years. But he always used to say that I need to write everything….. whatever I did, I loved to write it down – always! That counts from falling in love for the first time to shout on someone I hated at that moment, but all through papers!

But suddenly I got a way to express my feelings and thoughts without any restriction. There comes this journey – blogging. Everyone can write, everyone can blog and I am no exception. But can all come back again and again after being losing? Not so sure, but I am coming back again from the hell of my mind!  

God seems to show me his light which is illuminating my path of life and taking me maybe nowhere or maybe somewhere I never know! He sent me an angel too, who cleared my foggy mind and helped me to choose my path whom I will introduce to you sometime soon!

Please bear my randomness and be with me from today. Expect anything and everything here and feel free to ask. Let’s talk!

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