When I search for my favorite products for face regime, I consider few things which are essential for me:

  • Purely organic
  • Handcrafted by the locals (with mention of the exact place and people)
  • no negative experience after using it

After a lot of trial and error, I found Degya Jasmine Toner, a simple-looking toner you can get in the market, but that small thing has a significant impact.

I have susceptible and sensitive skin, which tends to be super oily in summer and tight-dry from winter to spring. I have acne-related problems with pigmentation. It increases if I neglect myself even for few days.

A right toner has been a part of my search, especially during winter. I always found myself using the non-Indian brands due to their highly believable organic ingredients that you can indeed find after using few times. But I have always craved to use something from my land which will have purity in it. In my search for our homegrown brands, I found Degya and instantly fall for their products.

Let me share why I love their product:

  • It acts like a real toner after using
  • It makes my pores less visible
  • Controls oil instantly and keep the face matte (great for oily skin)
  • Sprayer makes it super easy to use and hygienic
  • Jasmine smell is so mild that it will rejuvenate you
  • After applying, you will feel the freshness
  • Very convenient and travel friendly

My take after using it for ten days (I will update here after one month of regular use)

This time of the year is a crucial time for my skin. It is oily at the time of mid-day and a bit dry at night and early morning. So, I prefer using the toner in the afternoon, and it works so well for me.

Here is what I do after washing my face with a mild cleanser:

  • I spray the mist of the Jasmine Toner all over my face and keep my eyes closed
  • I keep it for some time, and it dries up quickly as my face needs that moisture
  • I do not use any cotton pad to remove any excess dirt because of prior thorough cleansing and scrubbing
  • After few minutes, I put Degya Turmeric Healing Face Mask and a homemade serum

Tips for using this toner unconventionally:

  • You can keep it in your purse and spray it whenever outside your skin feels oily. Just grab a cotton pad and wipe it off if you need to refresh your face.
  • At home, please keep it in the refrigerator and spray it on your face on those hot summer days for a relaxed and refreshing effect.

Should I use it again

Absolutely, and you should give it a try too!

Important Information

Website link to the product – Degya Organics

Quantity – 100 ml/3.8 FL OZ.

Price – INR 450 (1 unit) and INR 810 (2 unit) – Website Price

Where to buy – Website and you can buy worldwide by choosing your currency.

My Rating – 5/5

Visit Degya Organics and choose the product best for your skin type.

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